The Only All-In-One System that
Sells Your Memberships, Moves Merch'
and Books Your Events...


All without a single sales Call, Membership presentation or
Employee Interaction.


The Studio Boss Sales System turns your Website into an optimized selling machine on auto-pilot.


Convert More Leads - Our Done-For-You fully customizable and BRANDED Lead Magnets will increase Lead Flow while our In-Cart Merchandise Add-Ons and Upsells create a more qualified Lead.


Move More Merch - Your Online E-Commerce store will not only sell all of your products but will give you One-Click Upsells (Just like Amazon), Bundles, In-Cart Add-Ons and Dynamic Offers


Stop Doing Sales and Let the Studio Boss System do it for you!


Sell More Memberships - Let Studio Boss's Automations technology* sell all of your memberships without an employee's help and create upsells and premium benefits which increase dollar value per member.


Fill Up Your Events - Book and schedule all events online, whether it's Lead Generating, like buddy-Days, Income Producing  Seminars, Camps & Workshops, or Social Events like Parties, Graduations, or Open houses

Want to get more sales?

Find out how the Studio Bosss Automated Sales System can transform
your studio into a revenue-generating machine!



Websites That Convert


We provide you with a customized Studio Website to sell your trials along with an ecommerce suite that allows you to sell memberships, merchandise, and events all from your site.

Ready to use website

Collect Leads

Lead Magnets

Sell (or Free) Trials

Add-on Merchandise (in cart)

Event page Library

Full E-commerce Pro-Shop


ddc32619 testimonial img"The Easiest Way To Make More Revenue Without
Creating More Work!”

ddc32619 testimonial img"The Easiest Way To Make More Revenue Without
Creating More Work!”

ddc32619 testimonial img"The Easiest Way To Make More Revenue Without
Creating More Work!”

ddc32619 testimonial img"The Easiest Way To Make More Revenue Without
Creating More Work!”


Funnel Blueprint


Funnel Blueprints contain the sequence of steps that your prospects and members take
to make purchases.

They include website assets, along with email/TXT/SMS campaigns.

Studio Boss has dozens of Blueprints that you can use to fit the specific needs of your studio to ensure that you never miss a sale again!


Want to Sell Full Memberships (Upsells) right from the Trial?
We've got a blueprint for that.

How about selling an apparel item to a Trial?
Happens right in the cart.

Want to Skip the Trial and Sign People directly to a membership?
We've got you covered.


Automation Software
That Produces Results


We provide you with a customized Studio Website to
sell your trials along with an ecommerce suite that
allows you to sell memberships, merchandise and
events all from your site.

Lead & Member Follow-Up System

Hands-free sales pipeline

100+ Unique Triggers

Conversion Analytics

Digital Signatures

Email / Text / SMS campaigns

Abandon Cart Campaigns

Member Booking & Check-In System

Full Billing Suite

Gift Cards & Coupon Codes

6f75f9b3 jen.chicon

Since we switched to Studio Boss, our business has been so much more efficient. Automating our processes has been a huge time-saver, and having our CRM and website in one place has streamlined our business. The Advanced capabilities of the CRM, E-commerce, Gamification, and most importantly, the customer service is second to none. We're so happy we made the switch to Studio Boss!

- Jen Chichon

3625c823 testimonial img 02

54ee798e darryl.johnson

I am very impressed with StudioBoss! I think the thing I like MOST about it is the fact that I can manage ALL facets of the business with a single software rather than cobbling together a bunch and 'hoping' they all work together. It is very efficient - automating many of the sales processes - and engaging!

- Darryl Johnson

3625c823 testimonial img 02

963cb19c shayne.simpson

I'm literally overjoyed - since using studio boss, i'm blown away how it's transforming my business! Members are renewing automatically, trials are moving through the pipeline and I'm a good percentage of them just take the membership offer they get shown during the checkout process and join right on the spot! Now I've got new members coming in and I never had to do a single sale pitch for them to enroll! I love it!

- Shayne Simpson

3625c823 testimonial img 02

d239eaec eric.larson

I have been in business for over 10 years and have tried every type of website, CRM, and learning management system out there. I was so tired of using several pieces of software to run my studio. I wanted one system that would do it all and I finally found it with Studioboss. The website builder is easy to use and the templates are modern and sleek. The CRM is complete and tracks leads from start to finish. The learning management system is simple to use and keeps all my students' information in one place. The analytics are complete and accurate as they are tracked from lead to enrollment and beyond. I am so happy I found Studioboss!

- Erick Larson

3625c823 testimonial img 02

c8342b6a mark.and .derek

If you are looking for a website that will help you with everything you need, then Studioboss is the one for you. We've tried other platforms in the past, but Studioboss is the one that finally took us from paper forms and made it customer friendly to do everything digitally. It excels as a customer communication platform, and the integration of our online pro-shop has been outstanding! Over the last 20 years, I've tried most of the others, so I can tell you from direct experience that this is the one to get.

Mark & Derek Gajdostik

TNT Martial Arts & Life Mastery

3625c823 testimonial img 02

33f55049 kristine.jones

A was a little hesitant to switch to Studio Boss as I always dread ‘the process’ of switching to any company, but the team at Studio Boss held me by the hand and ensured that my data was transferred correctly. I love the detailed reporting - other companies I've tried have never been accurate. And the sales automation is literally life changing! I can’t imagine running by business without it!

Kristine Jones

The Pound Martial Arts Center

3625c823 testimonial img 02

1bdab055 mike.vacca

I love Studio Boss! It has completely transformed the way I run my school. I'm now able to automate and manage all my membership sales. The sales pipeline is my favorite feature and lets me know exactly where each of my prospects are in my sales process. I’ve had so many sales through StudioBoss and I am couldn’t be happier with the results.

Mike Vacca

(Multi-School Owner)

3625c823 testimonial img 02

93b3b944 dennisleiber

I have been using StudioBoss for my business for several months, and it has been an absolutegame-changer. It is by far the best software and website I have ever used for my academy. Itgives me access to cutting-edge sale and marketing tools helping me get more members thanever before. The sales automation features just don't exist with any other studio software andthe team is clearly several steps ahead when it comes to marketing and sales automation. I'mso excited and I know I'm only using a fraction of what Studio Boss has to offer.

Dennis Leiber

3625c823 testimonial img 02

6e76cb0f jeff.burroughs

I’m a tech guy so I can really appreciate how much time I save with Studio Boss each day. I love the sales automations, since I prefer teaching to selling. With the pre-made sales funnels that Studio Boss provides, I have literally automated about 95% of all transactions in my studio. I’m selling trials, getting membership sales and I’m finally selling merchandise to my students, without having to ‘sell’ anyone. I’m happier with my school than ever before!

- Jeff Burroghs

3625c823 testimonial img 02